12th Nov2011

Face Paint Freak Out

by CuriousInkling

Face Paint Freak Out

Face paint is pretty cool. There is always some sort of festival or art show going on in the town that I live in and with that is always some form of face painting for the kids, mostly. They will usually paint simple flowers or butterflies on the darling kids faces and before today, that’s all I thought of the art of face painting. I was wrong though as this collection of extravagant and unusual face paint images will show. Check them out.

Oh, it’s a painting of a nice young lady. NO! It’s actually a creepy fat guy and…and he’s looking right at you, run!


Do you see him? It will freak you out when you do.


Face Paint JackassYeah. Well that’s about the most horrifying thing I’ve seen in ages. Thanks for the nightmare, jackass!


Sexy CatCome on now, is it me or is there just something wildly appealing about women made to look like cats? Oh, it’s just me, huh? Well then just forget I said anything.


Go Away Creepy Banana FaceSee it’s all fun and games ’til you see their eyes. NOOooo! Go away creepy banana face!


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Sugar Skull Art T-shirts

Octoman face paint

Goofy Nightmare

See, here’s an example of a really good face paint job of Disney’s Goofy. It would be funny if it weren’t so horrifying.

Crazed Donald Duck Face Paint

I never did like Donald Duck and this ain’t helping any.

Fred Flintstone Face Paint

Yeah, that will pretty much do it for any of my favorite childhood cartoons.

What’s this one called? “The yawn of insanity”?

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