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Tell the world to FECK OFF this St. Patrick's Day with this cool shirt!

Feck Off Shirts in all kinds of styles for men and women

Feck Off is a slang expletive in modern Irish English, meaning several things. One could feck off meaning to leave. You might here someone say, "He fecked off when he saw the police arrive." But feck can also be used to refer to stealing something or throwing something. You might imagine the word to be akin to the more offensive and popular word, replacing the letter e with a u but feck isn't normally used to refer to sexual activity.

Yeah okay, whatever. We still think it's a pretty cool saying from our Irish friends so we set out to design a line of shirts featuring the phrase. Our Feck Off shirts features brush slash typography in very rough style. Irish greens and gold are prominent reminders of the phrases origin and all in all makes a cool shirt for your St. Patrick's Day celebrations. What's great about it is that it can be worn all year as the style and colors are certainly Irish, there are no shamrocks or anything that would limit it's wearability to the holiday.

We have loads of Feck Off shirts available in many different colors. To the right you will find a small sampling of the styles and colors we offer for men and women.

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Little known facts about St. Patrick's Day

• There are more Americans of Irish origin than there are Irish in Ireland. In Delaware, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire Irish is the leading ancestral group.

• St. Patrick's Day got its American start in 1737 in Boston. We celebrate St. Patrick's Day to remember the achievements St. Patrick made during his time..and drink copious amounts of beer.

• St. Patrick converted pagans to Christianity, angering the Celtic Druids who threw him in prison many time as a result. 


Feck Off
Feck Off $21.95 Adult Green T-shirt (unisex) shirt Feck Off $24.95 Adult Dark T-shirt shirt Feck Off $21.95 Adult Yellow T-shirt (unisex) shirt

Feck Off Adult Green T-shirt (unisex)

Adult Dark T-shirt (7 colors)
Adult Yellow T-shirt (unisex)
Feck Off $16.95 Adult Value T-shirt shirt Feck Off $28.95 Ladies Long Sleeve shirt Feck Off $19.95 Ladies Tank shirt

Adult Value T-shirt (unisex)

Ladies Army Green Long Slv
Feck Off Ladies Tank
Feck Off $26.95 Ladies Twofer shirt Feck Off $23.95 3/4 Sleeve Raglan shirt Feck Off $22.95 Ladies Baby Doll shirt

Ladies Fashion Twofer

Feck Off Mens Raglan
Ladies Green Baby Doll Tee
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