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Kiss Me Im Irish Shirt Gets Sugar For St Patricks Day

Cool funky word art design looks wildly sexy

Kiss Me Im Irish Shirt features a really unique twist to other kiss me Im Irish shirts you see. Always looking to break the norm our designer has created a really wild and sexy word art design that is perfect for St. Patricks Day. The sexy lips contain the words, Kiss Me Im Irish in such a cool retro "hippy" in unique fashion.

Our Kiss Me Im Irish Shirt would make a terrific shirt to wear on your St Patricks Day outtings or for any occasion really. Irish t-shirts like this have always been in great demand and for good reason. With lush green colors and loads of sexy attitude our Kiss Me Im Irish Shirt is surely a must own.

The Kiss Me Im Irish Shirt design has a wide variety of shirt styles, colors and sizes to choose from. We've marked down a few of our color and high quality shirts just for the St Patrick's Day celebrations. We've also applied our Kiss Me Im Irish Shirt design to Frosted Glass Steins, Mouse Pads, Mugs and lots of assorted collectibles too.

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Where did the saying, "Kiss Me Im Irish" come from?

One theory for the origin of the saying "Kiss Me Im Irish" came from a reference to the Blarney Stone in Ireland. Kiss the Blarney stone supposedly gives the smoocher good fortune. Also, if you can't kiss the Blarney Stone the next best thing would be to kiss an Irish.

That may be the lore that started the saying "Kiss Me Im Irish" but if you happen to be in Ireland, touring the Blarney Castle, we suggest you forego the kissing of the Stone. There's a widely known urban legend that asserts that locals and or employees at Blarney Castle frequently urinate on the Stone outside or opening hours for a laugh at tourists expense. Just find you a cute Irish lad or lass, lay some sugar on them and try not to think about this ever again.


Irish Lass
Kiss Me Im Irish $21.95 Lime T-shirt shirt Kiss Me Im Irish $23.95 Ladies Ringer shirt Kiss Me Im Irish $23.95 (Yellow) Petite Tee shirt

Green Adult T-shirt

Ladies Ringer
Ladies Yellow Petite
Kiss Me Im Irish $16.95 Adult T-shirt shirt Kiss Me Im Irish $21.95 Gold Adult Tee shirt Kiss Me Im Irish $20.95 Spaghetti Strap shirt

Adult Value T-shirt

Adult Gold T-shirt
Ladies Spaghetti Top
Kiss Me Im Irish $29.95 Mens Ringer shirt Kiss Me Im Irish $23.95 Ladies Long Sleeve shirt Kiss Me Im Irish $22.95 (Lime) Baby Doll Tee shirt

Forest Green American Apparel

Ladies Long Sleeve (8 colors)
Ladies Green Baby Doll Tee
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