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Bacon Periodically Changes Periodic Table To Be Joyful!

We don't believe that mixing Barium, Cobalt and Nitrogen will ever produce our favorite food group ever but it looks nice together anyway.

The periodic table always seemed so boring to us in class but on our Bacon Periodically shirt it looks freakin' awesome! Put a dash of barium, cobalt and a smidge of nitrogen in a flask and lets have a sammich! Well actually, we are pretty sure this will not produce bacon at all so it's probably best not to taste it.

Our Bacon Periodically design looks awesome on light or dark shirts and prints in bright orange with black text. It's a very funny shirt to wear out and the comments you get on it will never end.

Bacon Periodically is also available as a small poster and makes a great wall hanging in a dorm.

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Bacon Periodically
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