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Black Mesa Shirt Shows You Have Traversed Nightmare of Half-Life 2 Mod

If you have played Black Mesa and risen victorious, here is your trophey. Wear it proudly, soldier.

This very cool shirt design comes as a tribute to the amazing games that come out of the source engine. Games like Half-life 2 and Counter-Strike have risen the bar on environmental FPS games so much that it's nearly impossible to beat. Our Black Mesa design is our tribute to the Half-Life 2 series and the gamers who play them.

Black Mesa:: A Half-Life 2 shirt is designed in a dark orange with the familiar logo and a skull icon. It's a perfect shirt for any FPS gamer.

We also have some great Black Mesa:: Half-Life 2 cups, mugs, aprons and other gifts!

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Black Mesa:: A Half-Life 2 T-shirt
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