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Chocolate shirt for chocolate lovers!

This Chocolate shirt features the chemical compound for the sinful treat.

It's a rare person indeed that doesn't love chocolate. Our Chocolate Shirt features the chemical compound of the yummy stuff that makes us salivate. Actually, it's the chemical compound of Theobromine which is geek for, "Dang that tastes good." But we can thank the heavenly chemical for giving chocolate it's distinct and mouth-watering flavor.

The Chocolate Shirt is designed with an illustration of the actual compound that creates the food of the Gods and the word Chocolate in bold and (Theobromine) beneath it. It's a sylish and interesting way to proclaim your love of the glorious sweet.

Our Chocolate Shirt prints nicely on any color t-shirt but we suggest a nice, dark brown for the real chocolate lovers out there.

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Chocolate Shirt
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