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Geek 2² Life

The only cool way to proclaim your lifelong dedication to geekdom is with a little math.

You can say "Geek For Life" and write it the old school, proper way or you can get all jiggy with the word For and throw some math in it to show just how geek you can get.

Our Geek For Life shirts and gear are emblazoned with this slick cool green lettering that looks great as a typography style shirt.

This Geek For Life design looks and prints beautifully on either light or dark t-shirt or sweatshirts. Click the image to the right to see all that are available.

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Geek For Life
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We have Geek For Life shirts available for men women and children too. Lots of hot styles and colors to choose from too. Check out our sexy Geek For Life baby doll and spaghetti shirts too. Ready to cover up for cooler weather? Check out our Geek For Life long sleeved shirts and sweatshirts too!
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