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Noob Tube Shirt Vents Gamers Frustrations

The bane of experienced Call of Duty players everywhere, the overpowered Noob Tube, makes for heated controversy.

Our Noob Tube Shirt gives voice to your concerns, gamers. There's nothing like spying a noob happy skipping about weilding his grenade launcher hither and yon and then planting an in-game sniper shot in his head.

There's just something about nailing a noob with a grenade launcher that brings ultold satisfaction isn't there? Well, our Noob Tube Shirt feels almost as good. It's a rather bold commentary to the CoD game designers who put a bit too much emphasis on realism. Real is good but it doesn't always make the best gameplay.

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Noob Tube Shirt
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Noob Tube Shirt: Because noobs should not have that much firepower.

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