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Cereal Killer Recreates Funny Breakfast Crime Scene

Funny Graphic Shirt For Cereal Lovers or Horror Fans

Cereal Killer is my latest funny graphic shirt design featuring a crazed spoon masacaring an innocent bowl of Chex breakfast cereal in milk. Some lucky chex break free from the violent doom they face and run for the hills but that murderous spoon hasn't stopped killing yet.

Funny graphic shirts like this one spoof slasher horror movies about serial killers and being from the 80s where characters like Jason and Freddy were so popular, it really hits a funny bone.

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Cereal Killer
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Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer Value Shirt Cereal Killer Womens T-shirt Cereal Killer Jr Spaghetti Tank

White Value Shirt

Women's White Tee
Jr. Spaghetti Tank
(4 colors) $22.99*
Cereal Killer Adult Black T-shirt Cereal Killer Womens Dark Tees Cereal Killer Jr. Raglan

Adult Dark T-shirts
(9 colors) $25.99

Women's Dark Tees
(4 colors) $26.99*
Jr. Raglan
(3 Colors) $22.99
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