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Gnome T-Shirt Brings On The Lovin'

Awesomely funny gnome t-shirt sets the mood for some steamy gnome luvin'

This funny gnome t-shirt features a hilarious gnome illustration. Just look at his face, oh yeah, this snuggly gnome is ready to put on some Barry White and make with the lovin! Ready for his "Playgirl" photo shoot our amorous garden gnome t-shirt says, "To gnome is to love me" in glorious distressed lettering.

Garden gnomes have long been a source of fascination and adoration and this gorgeous gnome t-shirt is just the thing for fans of the lovable elves or anyone with a wacky sense of humor.

This gnome t-shirt design has been a site favorite for quite a while and it's easy to see why.

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Gnome T-Shirt
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Gnome T-shirt: To Gnome Is To Love Me
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