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Join Or Die Shirts For Historical Tea Party Folks

Gorgeous Tea Party Shirts for Ron Paul supporters

Originally printed by Benjamin Frankling the Join Or Die serpent was used to warn the colonists that they must join together to ward off the French and Indians. Our Join or Die Shirts are beautiful and historic means to tell the people of America that it's once again time to join together against a tyrannical foe.

Our Join or Die shirts come in all sorts of different sizes, colors and styles to suit everyone in the family.

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Join Or Die Shirts
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Join Or Die Shirts
Join Or Die :: Adult White Value shirt Join Or Die :: (Stone Green) Adult shirt Join Or Die :: (3 colors) Womens Melange shirt

Join Or Die Value Shirt

Stone Green Adult Shirt
Womens Melange Ringer Tee
(3 colors to choose)
Join Or Die :: (7 colors) Adult Dark shirt Join Or Die :: (Lime) Womens Baby Doll shirt Join Or Die :: (11 colors) American Apparel shirt

Join Or Die Dark Shirts
(7 colors to choose from)

Join Or Die Lime
Baby Doll Tee
American Apparel
(11 colors avail.)
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