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Led Zeppelin Art Tee breaks the mold!

Beautiful colors, ironic images and classic design makes this the best possible Led Zeppelin Tee you can buy!

Led Zeppelin's fifth album, "Houses of the Holy" was the first Zeppelin album to not officially be titled after the band but was named as a dedication to their fans who appeared at venues they dubbed, "Houses of the Holy."

The album was the first to be completely composed of original material recording Led Zeppelin jam sessions such as The Crunge which was a play on James Brown's style of funk. At the end of the song, you hear very British voices requesting the location of the "confounded bridge" hinting to an unusual playfulness in the bands recording session.

The Crunge is one of Led Zeppelin's most memorable songs and is why we styled the tee shirt in a way to capture that playful fun that the song seems to capture.

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Led Zeppelin's The Crunge was a playful kick to James Brown's earlier recordings that were produced live where Brown would have to give the band direction to where he was going with the song. "Where's the bridge" was a play off that same direction that made James Brown so popular.
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Led Zeppelin tee shirt design that is an inclusion to our collection of rock and music tees that tribute some of the most memorable rock influences in history. Our Led Zeppelin tee features an explosion of amazing colors that look terrific on any shirt color but especially hot on black shirts. Our Led Zeppelin tee shirt design tributes the bands fifth album, Houses of the Holy which was Led Zeppelin's first release that contained wholly original material by the band.