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Feeling Lucky Is What The Party Is All About

Are you feeling lucky? Post the question in style

Lucky Shirt design in fun green lettering finished with a cool vintage distressed look. This lucky shirt is playful and fun! Lucky Shirt is just the ticket for getting everyone into the St. Patty's Day party!

Saucy, fun and even daring looks almost innocent on this Lucky Shirt design. The Shamrock accent makes it absolutely Irish and the typography just makes it hot. St. Pattys Day is for feeling lucky and this shirt design is for getting the party started off right.

Our Lucky Shirt design is available on many different shirt styles, colors and sizes for men or women. The green in the design looks great on either light or dark shirts and especially on black! We have many more Lucky Shirts than what we have listed here. Just click on the large model image to see them all.

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Where Did The Term, "Luck of the Irish' come from?

Ireland and the Irish could easily be considered some of the most unluckiest people in the history of man. The Irish people have been plagued with hardships since the first recording of their existence. Don't believe us? Try living on the most beautiful but unforgiving island in Europe with nothing to eat but potatoes for several decades! Whoa! Irish folks are HARD CORE!

The term "Luck of the Irish" certainly didn't come until the good folks came over to America. Back in the day, Irish were treated very poorly by folks here in the U.S. but that didn't stop the hard livin' Irish, they headed out to California in the gold rush and made a bundle. It's likely where "luck of the Irish" came from and probably the whole nutty "pot o' gold" thing too.


Lucky Shirt
Feeling Lucky $22.95 (Lime) Spaghetti Top shirt Feeling Lucky $26.95 (3 col) Ladies Melange Ringer shirt Feeling Lucky $21.95 (Lime) Adult Unisex T-shirt shirt

Ladies Lime Spaghetti Tank

Ladies Melange Ringer
Green Adult T-shirt
Feeling Lucky $16.95 Adult White Value T-shirt shirt Feeling Lucky $26.95 (Pink) Ladies Fitted Long Slv shirt Feeling Lucky $23.95 (Yellow) American Apparel shirt

Adult Value T-shirt

Ladies Pink Long Sleeve Fitted
Yellow American Apparel Shirt
Feeling Lucky $21.95 (Stone Green) Adult T-shirt shirt Feeling Lucky $24.95 (7 colors) Adult Dark T-shirt shirt Feeling Lucky $22.95 (6 colors) Ladies Ringer shirt

Adult T-shirt (stone green)

Adult Dark T-shirt (7 colors)
Ladies Ringer Tee
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