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Trololo! Watch the video and see the Trololo Song

Trololo Fans Rejoice! here is our newest Trololo shirt design and it's a winner!

Something keeps the Trololo craze on the top of the search charts and even after this long being there, the classic crooner video is still hilarious. You can see the Trololo video in it's entirety on the right.

Our newest Trololo shirt design features the priceless expression of Eduard Khil ringed in a beautiful red sunshine design with the block tellers at the bottom, Trololo. It's a very unique Trololo design that's as attractive as it is humorous.

We also have several cool gift Items featuring our Trololo design. To see them all click the image to the right!

Not what you are looking for? Check out our other Trololo Shirts. We bet we have something you want!

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