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Callahan Auto Parts Shirt for the Tommy-boy in you

Straight from the movie Tommy Boy, Callahan Auto Parts is a funny classic for any t-shirt collection.

Callahan Auto Parts has long been a mainstay design for any t-shirt shop. The movie Tommy Boy, starring Chris Farley and David Spade is a classic American comedy film and the Callahan Auto Parts t-shirt is a perfect way to remember the film while looking great too. If it's not in your t-shirt collection it should be, this shirt is a classic.

Our twist on the classic Callahan Auto Parts design is in the details. Fine cracks and distressed graphics gives the timeless classic a rejuvenated appeal and makes it far more unique than other designs.

Green and white the Callahan Auto Parts logo prints really well on lots of different colors and shirt styles. Make your own!

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Callahan Auto Parts
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Callahan Auto Parts
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