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Funny Chick Magnet Design Earns Double Takes

The law of attraction explained in a humorous graphic design

Chick Magnet features a big red horseshoe magnet attracting, well...happy little chicks. The obvious wordplay in Chick Magnet is something that only seems obvious to you now as you know this shirt's title. The design is bound to earn some inquisitive stares before the message is apparent and an uneasy smile breaks the lips of the onlooker. A very funny graphic t-shirt here.

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Chick Magnet
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Chick Magnet
Chick Magnet $16.95 Adult White Value shirt Chick Magnet $21.95 (Stone Green) Adult shirt Chick Magnet $21.95 (Sky Blue) Adult shirt

Chick Magnet Value Shirt

Chick Magnet
Stone Green Adult Shirt
Sky Blue Adult Tee
Chick Magnet $24.95 (7 colors) Adult Dark shirt Chick Magnet $29.95 (Drk Green) American Apparel shirt Chick Magnet $24.95 3/4 Sleeve Raglan shirt

Chick Magnet Dark Shirts

Forrest Green American Apparel Mens 3/4 Sleeve Raglan
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