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Cougar Bait

Sexy Cougar Bait shirt acts as homing signal to hot cougars looking for love.

Cougar hunting can be a daunting task to say the least. You never know who a cougar might be, it's not like they wear a sign around their necks after all. Never fear, gents, our Cougar Bait shirt is your fastest, easiest way to hot cougar action in and out of the clubs.

Cougar Bait is a funny and sexy way to show that you are down with the cougar hunt and when a classy lass notices your Cougar Bait shirt, you are 100% more likely to appear as prey to the hungry cougars in the room.

The Cougar Bait design features a cougar illustratoiin being tempted down by the call, "Here Kitty Kitty" It's a wry and funny design that prints great on either light or dark shirts. Make sure you have plenty on hand when you go on the prowl.

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Cougar Bait
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