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Rizzuto Shirt Relives Billy Madison's Painful Moment

Can you write Rizzuto in cursive? Billy Madison doesn't seem to be able to.

Our Rizzuto Shirt is a tribute to the hit comedy classic, Billy Madison starring Adam Sandler. Fans of the movie will recall Miss Vaughn trying to embarrass our hero by having him write words in cursive on the chalboard in front of the class. He fared quite well until the fetching teacher threw him this curve ball.

This Rizzuto Shirt is an exact replica of the scrawlings that poor Billy etched on the board before proclaiming that it wasn't fair. Indeed, Billy, Rizzuto isn't a word, it's a baseball player. We call foul on Miss Vaugh, point to Madison!

We have two Rizzuto Shirt designs so that you can choose either light or dark shirts and both look really great on whatever color shirt you choose.

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