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Funny T-Rex Shirts Proclaim T-Rex Hatred Of Pushups

With Tiny Arms Like That Who Can Blame T-Rex?

T-Rex shirts examines why T-Rex hates pushups. Hey, no normal person really likes pushups, I mean it's just an unnatural thing to do with one's body. But imagine if you were a T-Rex, gigantic head and tinie tiny arms. Not fun.

I have my T-Rex shirt design in both light and dark flavors so that you can have the gamut of color choices. T-Rex is available on shirts to fit anyone in the family and there's a lot of cool styles available too. The thumbnail images on the lower right are just a sampling. There's much more cool stuff with this design.

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T-Rex Shirts
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T-Rex Shirts
T-Rex Shirts T-Rex Shirts T-Rex Shirts

Value Shirt

Adult White Tees
Dark T-shirts
(9 great colors) $25.99*
T-Rex Shirts T-Rex Shirts T-Rex Shirts

Womens Dark Tee
(4 colors available) $26.99

Hooded Sweatshirt Hoodie
(2 colors) $39.99*
Jr. Raglan
This design is also available on long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, collectibles and gifts: Click Here To See Them All
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